Stakehold Centered Coaching

individual coaching,
focused on immediate action

Developed by renowned coach and author Marshall Goldsmith, stakeholder centred coaching specifically aims at more advanced and highly successful leaders. Their experience of continued success makes it harder to change behaviours when the situation, such as a step-up in leadership responsibility or fast expansion in scale and scope of the business, requires.

The proven method enlists a leader’s stakeholders such as direct reports, peers, board members and others who directly work with her. Among the unique features of stakeholder centred coaching is the ability to quantitatively measure progress through stakeholder surveys, which also accommodates success based compensation for the coach.


Most effective method for lasting behaviour change

Very time efficient (for all participants)

Inclusive approach, addresses both behaviour and perception

Guaranteed and measurable leadership growth

Components of Executive Coaching Packages

Briefing session to review process, define goals and identify potential stakeholders

​Interviews to  gather feedback and confirm focus of the coaching assignment ​

360 written report as summary of the interviews and debriefing

​Recruitment and briefing of 6 - 12 stakeholders​

Assist leader in developing and communicating the action plan  

One-on-one coaching sessions as required, usually monthly and more frequently as requested by the client. 1:1 session to be conducted in person, on video conference or over the phone. ​

Accommodate leader’s schedule for calls, meetings and special requests​

Confidential stakeholder mini-surveys to be conducted by a third party online vendor at month three and the beginning of month five to determine the leader’ engagement in the process and degree of behaviour change as viewed by the stakeholders​

Check-ins with sponsor and stakeholders as needed

​Assistance and support for written communication and meeting preparation. Ensure the process is working.  ​

Hold client accountable for following up with stakeholders and conducting after action reviews​

Yuri is one of the very small number of coaches in Germany licensed to use Stakeholder Centric Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith.

95% of Leaders using stakeholder centered coaching improved their effectiveness

source: survey based of 8,000 respondents evaluating 1,000 managers.
Published as  "Leadership is a contact sport" by Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan in Strategy & Business


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