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Executive coach for founders and leaders at fast growing start-ups

Become the leader who scales the team and the business

Yuri is on a mission
to help the best
venture backed CEOs
to develop the
leadership skills
necessary to make
their vision a reality
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Coaching helps you to think more broadly and act faster

Every executive needs a trusted partner who supports and challenges them and holds them accountable

Eric Schmidt: everyone needs a coach

About Yuri

Yuri Narciss is an executive coach with a track record of challenging leaders to achieve highest performance. He has worked with successful founders and executives in Europe, US and Asia at different stages from start-up to public company and government. 

Yuri has himself extensive leadership and operational experience scaling up internet start-ups with a focus top-line growth and team development. He has lived and worked on four different continents. Yuri studied at University of San Francisco and Singapore Management University. In 2021 he was named one of the top coaches in Berlin.

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