Long-term Coaching Partnership

On-going support on your journey from start-up founder to scale-up CEO 

Due to popular demand this has become my main offering to founders. Following an extensive onboarding (including Harrison Assessment, context, and goal setting) I work with individual founders and/or teams on retainer. On top of ongoing executive coaching the client can request additional support as and when needed.

Additional Benefits
(on top of those listed under Executive Coaching) 

broad scope

integrates with business

Creates alignment

Components of Long-term Coaching Partnership

Examples for goals and immediate benefits of executive coaching at start-ups

(top 6 most frequent client objectives)

  1. More time for what is important: Delegate effectively and reduce time personally spent on operational troubleshooting
  2. Stay calm and balanced: Better control emotions, especially when under stress or when dealing with difficult people
  3. Co-Founder alignment: Communicate more directly and openly with co-founder(s)
  4. High performance team: Give constructive feedback that helps team members grow and perform at a higher level. Clarify responsibilities and articulate clear expectations from team members.
  5. Topline growth: Make revenue delivery less dependent on constant founder intervention and hand over responsibility for sales to a dedicated leader
  6. Personal presence: Become more assertive and build mutually beneficial relationships


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