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Executive Coaching for Founders and Leaders of Fast Growing Start-Ups

Coaching helps you to think more broadly and act faster

Every executive needs a trusted partner who supports and challenges them and holds them accountable

Leaders at start-ups can never stop growing. As the business develops they need to adapt and meet different, sometimes completely new requirements. Founding teams have to stretch, learn and recover from mistakes while moving further away from their area of expertise towards leading people. 


Partnering with an experienced coach who is familiar with the stresses of a start-up helps leaders see more clearly, accelerate their learning and take actions more decisively. They grow into the leaders their teams deserve and take their company to the next level.

From start-up founder to scale-up CEO

No other role is as challenging with constant pressure to elevate one's game and uncertainty and doubt adding to the burden.
As the job transforms from creating the product to building the company, the CEO needs to grow personally and professionally.


Like competitive athletes and other top performers, start up founders can benefit from having a strong partner on their side to challenge and provide feedback to them.

Many of the most successful big tech leaders including Eric Schmidt, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others have publicly attributed their performance to having coaches. 

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My Offering to Leaders

There are three main approaches to coaching:

Executive Coaching


Personalised, individual coaching, focused on immediate action

Stakeholder Centred Coaching 

Helping successful founders to become even better leaders

Mentoring &

Team Development 

Customised support for developing your leadership team

Common Coaching Goals of Start-Up Senior Leaders



Learn quickly to be a better leader for your company


  • Form and manage a
    leadership team

  • Hold team members  accountable

  • Deal with performance
    problems in a timely manner

  • Foster collaboration across
    the business

  • Stand up to individuals who undermine teamwork

  • Create a high performance culture aligned with your

  • Become a better coach
    and mentor

Self Management

Be your personal best


  • Delegate more effectively

  • Address conflict
    constructively and timely

  • Build trust

  • Present with confidence

  • Enhance your executive
    presence and “own the room”

  • Become more assertive

  • Treat others with respect

  • Stand up for what you believe in

  • Focus on the critical few issues

  • Communicate persuasively

Company Building

Take the business to
the next level


  • Make better decisions

  • Lead rigorous, excellent execution

  • Manage the board

  • Translate your vision into
    a competitive strategy

  • Transform the business
    for global scale

  • Implement structured processes without becoming bureaucratic
    and slow

  • Take appropriate risks

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