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Mentoring & Team Development

Customised support for developing your leadership team 

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On top of the above mentioned coaching methods, I am also open to working with individuals and/or teams on a retainer (minimum 3 months) or prepare and moderate workshops.


Some leaders will find it useful to have a coach observe them in their ongoing interactions with teams and stakeholders to get feedback. For important projects the coach can facilitate across team members and offer advice as needed. Some examples are listed below




broad scope


Operational, integrates with business


Creates alignment

Possible components individual leaders


  • Regular one-on-one sessions to discuss current issues and leadership development topics

  • Sparring partner and sounding board for difficult decisions 

  • Shadow in meetings (internal and external) and provide feedback

  • Review of and give feedback to projects, business plans, roadmaps, presentations and other documents 

  • Advice for setting up or reviewing hiring (and other commercial) processes

  • Interview candidates for key roles (and conduct personality and behavioural preference assessments)

  • Practice and rehearse key presentations, negotiations and difficult conversations 


Possible team workshops

  • Team building and coaching (incl. Harrison Assessments) 

  • Leadership principles and development 

  • Culture (mission, vision, values) and implications 

  • Strategic planning (e.g. 3 year plan, annual plan, product roadmap, key initiatives)  

  • OKRs 

  • Specific current topics 

m.   +49 (160) 271-1531               e.

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